The Patriot Ledger // Published September 19, 2022 // By Patriot Ledger staff

QUINCY – Quincy College will further expand its biotechnology program and help to prepare Quincy high school students for careers in life sciences thanks to a pair of recent grants.

The Massachusetts Life Sciences Center awarded a $750,000 workforce development grant to the college and an additional $183,700 to Quincy’s public schools to increase “exposure and experience with new STEM/life sciences concepts,” the college said in a statement.

“Over the past decade, grand funding from the Commonwealth of Massachusetts and the Massachusetts Life Sciences Center has benefited our students and biotechnology and life sciences employers across the region,” Quincy College President Richard DeCristofaro said in a statement. “And our continuing collaboration with Quincy Public Schools around biotech and life sciences education demonstrates our commitment to growing its STEM curriculum. We’re proud to be recognized as a leader in biotechnology education, training and workforce development.”

The college will use the money to buy advanced processing equipment to train students in growing and maintaining cell cultures, as well as to buy microscopes, cell lines, bioreactors, gases, testing and filtration systems, quality-control devices and other lab supplies. The public schools grant will be spent on equipment and technology upgrades.