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Student Spotlight

Quincy College finds inspiration in the altruistic spirit of our students. This is one of their stories.


Robert L. McCarthy
Major: Criminal Justice
Hometown: Braintree, MA

Robert inspires us with his...

commitment to his country and the veterans who have served it!

Robert McCarthy enrolled in Quincy College as a part-time student in 2008, while serving in the U.S. Navy. Upon leaving the Navy, he enlisted in the U.S. National Guard. He has spent the last year serving in Kabul, Afghanistan with the 182nd Infantry Regiment, "The Nation's First", in support of Operation Enduring Freedom. He is expected home, and back in a Quincy College classroom, in late-Spring 2012.

Robert personifies the passion and devotion that America has come to associate with our military veterans. While serving in Afghanistan, he co-founded The Vets for Vets Ruck March, an organization dedicated to supporting a cause close to his heart: helping injured veterans. Together, he and two of his "battle buddies" have worked tirelessly not only to accomplish their mission overseas, but to provide for those who carry lifelong battle scars. Robert and his comrades have said: "Upon our return from Afghanistan...the Boston Marathon will be in our crosshairs. We have decided now to Road March (aka Ruck) the Boston Marathon...in order to raise money and awareness for the Wounded Warrior Project." To date, The Vets for Vets Ruck March has raised $29,440.00! And Robert has inspired all of us here at Quincy College with his commitment to comrades and his love of country. Check out their homepage at http://www.facebook.com/#!/Vets4VetsRuckMarch?sk=info

What Robert likes best about Quincy College is...
"It's hard for me to narrow down what I like about QC to just one thing. These last few years as a student have been very rewarding. I could comment all day about my fellow veterans with whom I not only shared the classroom as a student, but was instructed under. In particular, Professor Tom Curran with whom I have tighter roots than just being a fellow grunt in the US Army...I don't think I'll find a better professor or mentor than him in any institute I attend after Quincy College. So Prof. Curran and the rest of the faculty from similar and different fields is what I enjoy the most...the learning never ends inside the classroom."

What Robert hopes to achieve with his education...
"What I hope to achieve with my education is to take it as far as it can possibly go. I don't like to live with limits when it comes to potential. I have made drastic changes in my military career because I want to reach my full potential. Being with the military and especially being deployed has at times put a pause in my presence in the classroom, but it will not keep me finishing my degree. I've learned in life three important things: Everything is a test, the learning never stops, and nothing that is worth something comes too easily. I hope to go all the way through law school. After that, I would love to be a professor...and teach what I have learned."