Spring 2014

Come for a class. Stay for a career.
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Flex Semesters are designed for you to earn college credits at an accelerated pace and achieve maximum flexibility in your schedule.
You can work with our Five Week, Seven Week and Ten Week semesters this spring in February, March and April on both our Quincy and Plymouth campuses.

Veterans benefits and Financial Aid are available for qualified students. We offer competitive financial aid packages to assist you in pursuing an even more affordable education. Get started today and submit a FREE application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) at

Admissions, Enrollment, Advising, and Financial Aid Offices Walk-In Hours:

• Monday through Thursday, 8:00am - 6:15pm

• Friday, 9:00am - 4:00pm

• Saturday & Sunday, CLOSED

Current Students:
Current Quincy College students should register online using their QC Portal account.

New, Degree-Seeking Students
Students new to Quincy College, should begin by completing an Admissions Application.

Non-degree Seeking Students
Students looking to take courses at Quincy College without enrolling as a degree-seeking student, should simply submit a Non-Matriculating Registration Form to the Registrar’s Office.

Parking Information:

Please click here for more information on spring 2014 semester parking stickers.

Start your new year at our new campus.

Student ID Locations:

Information Technology Office Location:
Presidents Place, Room 501

Admissions Quincy Office Location:
Presidents Place, Registrar's Office

Plymouth Office Location:
36 Cordage Park Circle

All students are required to purchase a Student ID. Every student must have a QC picture ID to access buildings and facilities. Students who already have a QC ID must update their IDs for the new semester through aforementioned offices. Please bring a valid Photo ID (Driver’s License or Passport) for identity confirmation.

Please bring a valid Photo ID (Driver’s License or Passport) for identity confirmation.

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Important Dates:

    November 15, 2013: Registration Begins
    December 26 - January 14: Winter Session
    January 15: Classes Begin
    January 15 - May 7: MW Classes Meet
    January 16 - May 6: TR Classes Meet
    January 17 - May 2: F Classes Meet
    January 15 - 28: 15 Wk Add Classes Period
    January 15 - January 31: 15 Wk Drop Classes Period
    January 20: Martin Luther King, Jr. Holiday (College Closed)
    February 17: President’s Day Holiday (College Closed Monday)
    March 14: Last Day to Apply for Spring Commencement
    March 16 - 22: Spring Break Recess
    April 4: Last Day to Withdraw and receive a grade of “W”
    April 18 - 19: Good Friday (College Closed Friday and Saturday)
    April 21: Patriots Day (College Closed Monday)
    May 1: Convivium
    May 7: Last Day of Classes
    May 8 - 15: Final Exams (Day Classes Only)
    May 16 -19: Online Final Exams
    May 31: Spring 2014 Commencement