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President’s Message


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“Focused on Teaching & Learning, One Student at a Time” is not merely Quincy College’s motto. It is, as well, the embodiment of the way in which we conduct ourselves each and every day, including the manner in which all students, faculty, and staff are regarded and engaged. As such, everything that we do is focused upon teaching and learning and the primacy of the teaching/learning relationship. In the past few years, we have increased full time faculty ranks by approximately thirty percent, moved to new and greatly improved facilities in Quincy, expanded facilities and offerings in Plymouth, and greatly increased both instructional and non-instructional support and classroom technology. At Quincy College, students can find all the resources they need to have a successful college experience.

As Quincy College moves forward, we will remain focused on teaching and learning by updating our academic offerings, developing new academic programs, and increasing student engagement and retention. I welcome you to take a class with our dedicated faculty and discover why students choose Quincy College for a high quality, affordable education. Here at Quincy College people often hear me say, “Education is the passport that allows one to travel through and navigate our society.” I am proud to say that now, more than ever, Quincy College is here to assist people in earning that passport.

Thank you and good day.


About President Peter H. Tsaffaras

Peter H. Tsaffaras has dedicated over 40 years of his life to serving the field of higher education. Since becoming President in January 2011, he has emphasized the teaching and learning relationship throughout the College. A former member of Quincy College’s Board of Governors, Tsaffaras has served the Massachusetts Board of Higher Education, where he was deputy commissioner for employee relations and acting general counsel. He was responsible for affirmative action, benefit administration, compensation management, human resources, labor relations at the community and state colleges, and staff support at the Board of Higher Education.

Mr. Tsaffaras’ expertise in human resources and labor relations began in the central office of the State College System in 1972. After service at Boston State College and the Board of Regents of Higher Education, Mr. Tsaffaras went to Bridgewater State College in 1982 where he worked as Director of Human Resources. Transitioning to the Massachusetts Board of Higher Education in 1993 he was promoted from Deputy Director of Human Resources to Vice Chancellor for Employee Relations and Benefit Administration, and most recently, to Deputy Commissioner of Employee Relations. Since 2005, Mr. Tsaffaras has taught at Massasoit Community College where he is the sole instructor of the year-long Certificate Program in Human Resources.

After earning an undergraduate degree in History at the University of Massachusetts-Lowell, Mr. Tsaffaras completed his graduate work in Education at UMass-Boston. He received a Juris Doctor degree from the New England School of Law, and maintains a general practice of law in Quincy.