Quincy Sun // Published February 13, 2020 // By Quincy Sun Staff

White woman with short, yellow hair is seated in front of a Quincy College panel, watching a younger student speaking.

Quincy College Exercise Science Student Oksana Asllani speaks at a Parent Academy Success After High School event while Ann McKenzie of Quincy High School looks on.

Quincy, MA (2/13/2020): Quincy College and Quincy Public Schools are pleased to announce a new collaborative event for parents of high school aged children. The “Paving Pathways with Quincy College” free event on February 13, 2020 held from 6:30pm – 8:00pm at Quincy College’s Quincy Campus – Student Lounge is open to parents of Quincy High School and North Quincy High School students.

The event organized as part of Quincy Public Schools Parent Academy will be Quincy College led.The program will focus on the vibrancy of the college experience, especially at a community college, like Quincy College. The event will include a panel discussion with Quincy College representatives from Admissions, Advising, Financial Aid, and will provide insight and information on the Dual Enrollment program.

Parents and families can expect to:
* Learn how your high school student can earn transferable college credits at Quincy College.
* Explore academic programs and summer opportunities available at Quincy College for your HS student.
* Join the conversation about the college search process with fellow QHS and NQHS Parents.
* Review the Quincy College admissions and financial aid processes.
* Discover the variety of college athletics and student involvement opportunities at Quincy College.
* Tour the college campus.

Quincy College and Quincy Public Schools have always had a close relationship supporting the pursuit of higher education in the City of Quincy; whether encouraging Dual Enrollment – high school sophomores and juniors from Quincy High School and North Quincy High School earning credit while still in high school, or high school seniors matriculating to Quincy College upon graduation.

Dual enrollment courses allow students to earn credit for college-level courses while they are still in high school and are taught by their high school instructor(s). High school students are introduced to the academic expectations and rigor of a college course, while still receiving the support of high school instructors and guidance counselors. Students who complete a dual enrollment course with a final grade of a “C” or higher, will receive a Quincy College transcript that reflects their college credit

The program will focus on the vibrancy of the college experience, especially at a community college, like Quincy College. Quincy High School parents who attended the previous Parent Academy Event remarked at the success of the collaborative program including: ” It was nice to hear perspectives from a variety of panel members” and “The entire program was informative.”

Parents of NQHS and QHS students are encouraged to RSVP, please visit: quincycollege.edu/dualenroll.

For more information, visit: https://quincycollege.edu/dualenroll/#quincy-high-school.