Stephanie Blackmon graduated from Quincy College in 2012 with a degree in behavioral science. Then she earned her bachelor’s degree in psychology from Curry College in 2014. She currently attends Southern New Hampshire University online, and she will receive her master’s degree in psychology in 2017. She currently works at Quincy College in Plymouth as an academic services specialist. Her career goal is to teach psychology at Quincy College.

“I love my job, but I eventually want to teach at Quincy College. Professor Stephanie – that’s what I’m hoping for!” she said.

Blackmon graduated from Taunton High School in 2009, and she checked out numerous area colleges before choosing Quincy College. Its location, cost and family atmosphere solidified her decision.

“I looked at UMass Boston and Bridgewater, but I thought Quincy College’s location was perfect,” Blackmon said. “It was very easy to get to. Plymouth is beautiful. I loved the area. It was very inexpensive. I checked out the cost of each school, and it was one of the least expensive in the area. I also loved the size of the school, and I made a lot of one-on-one connections there. I learn better that way. It’s a great community. It’s like a family. I fell in love with it.”

I thought Quincy College’s location was perfect. Plymouth is beautiful. It’s a great community. It’s like a family. I fell in love with it.

During her freshman year at Quincy College, Blackmon worked the 3 to 10 a.m. shift at Dunkin’ Donuts in New Bedford. She would work her shift and then drive to Quincy College in Plymouth to attend her classes. After school she would drive back home to Taunton, do homework, eat dinner, take a nap, and then do it all over again.

“I’ve been working since I was 13 to help take care of my family,” she said. “My mother is a single mother, and she is a mentor to me. Since I was a child, she told us to work hard because we were going to college.”

Blackmon connected with numerous individuals at Quincy College who have also served as mentors to her.

“Sabrina Mohan was my instructor for my social work classes. She is so kindhearted and outgoing. She’s amazing! Dr. Kenneth Texeira taught all of my psych classes. He’s very proud that I have kept going with psychology and that I’m getting my master’s. He’s hilarious and extremely fun. He personalizes things and has a way of explaining them that helps me learn more. My love for psychology, the human mind, and the understanding of the human mind all started in general psych,” she said.

Blackmon also connected with administrators at Quincy College.

“Dean Mary Burke is amazing. She really pushes all of us to continue our educations. I was going back and forth about getting my master’s, and she told me to go for it,” Blackmon said. “Quincy College also has an amazing president, Peter Tsaffaras. He holds monthly meetings for students where they serve food, and he talks about everything such as improvements, expansions, future plans, comments and requests. It makes a big difference when a school has a president and a dean who are constantly visible.”

Blackmon’s favorite part of her job at Quincy College is the students. The Plymouth campus currently has about 900 students.

“I love to meet them and get to know them. I love to hear about their plans, goals and ambitions. I love to sit down with them as their advisor. It’s definitely a gift. It’s my dream job. I also love the people associated with Quincy College. They come in early, stay late and come in on weekends. They want to better the students’ lives. The students, staff, faculty and administrators are just amazing people. They really care about everyone. It really is like a family. Students here are treated like people and not like I.D. numbers,” she said.

Quincy College also provides each student with a student success coach who helps students handle their workload, personal lives and stress. Tutoring services are also available. The college also offers numerous clubs, activities and events.

Blackmon credits not only the professors and administrators at Quincy College for her current success, but also her fiancé, who has supported her efforts to continue her education and go on to earn a graduate degree in psychology.

“I believe without him pushing me to achieve my goals, I might not have had the confidence to continue to SNHU,” she said.

And Blackmon’s story might not end there, as she intimates a doctoral degree very well may be in her future.

“I love the administrative side,” she said. “I love working with the students. I love the idea of getting my doctorate. It’s a possibility. I’ll have to see where the future takes me.”