Dear Quincy College Community,

As we celebrate Black History Month and spotlight the heritage and achievements of African Americans, I can’t think of a quote with better resonance for those of us in education.

Whether student, faculty member, staff, or administrator it’s hard to argue with Maya Angelou’s premise. Each of us is here – and has chosen to be here – because we believe deeply in the idea of defining success in those very terms and in fostering an environment where success is possible. The promise of success is truly inspirational. Yet we recognize that, for generations of Black Americans, success was not so simply defined nor easily achieved. It is upon those experiences, and the wider recognition of them, that today’s opportunities for success can be built.

Those of us in education also know that we learn from each other and value how shared experience strengthens the bonds between us.

It’s true: Black history is American history. As a community and as a society, let’s resolve to reinforce that reality today, this month, and always.


Richard DeCristofaro, Ed. D.