Quincy College: Focused on Teaching & Learning, One Student at a Time

January 26, 2012

By Peter H. Tsaffaras, President of Quincy College
The Quincy Sun - January 26, 2012

As the new semester begins, Quincy College is on the move, both literally and figuratively. The College is moving out of Temple Hall and Newport Hall and into President’s Place in downtown Quincy (1250 Hancock Street), as well as continuing to expand our Plymouth campus. Beginning last week and continuing through the end of July, these changes will make additional space available for classrooms and labs in Saville Hall, which will now become home to the Academic Division of Natural & Health Sciences. At the same time, we are working with the Street Works team to build a new facility for Quincy College in the new Quincy Center for occupancy in the summer or fall of 2016.

In addition, the Plymouth campus is continuously expanding to meet the needs of a growing student body in Plymouth County. We have coordinated with UMASS Boston to utilize space and classrooms at their campus in Cordage Park in Plymouth, which is contiguous to ours. Recently added facilities include new offices, bright classrooms, a state of the art science lab, and new nursing labs.

As important as these brick and mortar improvements are, and they are important, Quincy College is definitely on the move in a more figurative sense. As you may be aware, at Quincy College our motto is, “Focused on Teaching & Learning, One Student at a Time.” As such, everything that we do is focused upon teaching and learning and the primacy of the teaching/learning relationship. During the last year we have oriented the entire institution in support of furthering this teaching and learning relationship. In these economic times, when many of our peer institutions are cutting labor costs, Quincy College has increased the size of the full-time faculty by approximately 20%. At the same time, we have reached out to part-time faculty by increasing their salary to more competitive levels and incorporating them more fully into the academic divisions in which they teach. We have dramatically upgraded the support and technology in the classroom, providing full-time faculty with new laptop computers to improve the teaching experience. Each of the four academic divisions is headed by a Dean who possesses an earned doctorate and all of whom spend time teaching in the classroom each week. We have increased the size of the library staff by 50%, extended the hours that our libraries are open to our students, and built a totally new full-service library on the Plymouth campus.

In concentrating on teaching and learning, Quincy College’s emphasis is our students. We have increased the technology available to our students on campus as well as from home. We have implemented online registration, expanded international student services, re instituted an athletics program, and increased student activities and support services. In addition, we have created a position of Director of Military and Veteran’s Services to reach out to our veterans and their dependents.

None of these positive changes could occur without the support and cooperation of countless individuals both within the institution and in the community. The Board of Governors, under the leadership of Chairman William S. Grindlay, is second to none in terms of their positive attitude and commitment to Quincy College. Further, since the day I took office Mayor Thomas Koch’s sole concern has been how the city government can be of assistance to the College. The same goes for the members of the City Council who, both individually and as a group, have been very supportive of our efforts.
Enrollment is strong and continues to grow each semester. Today, we have approximately 4,600 students by headcount, which equals approximately 3,100 full time students. As Quincy College continues to grow, we will remain focused on teaching and learning by updating our academic offerings, developing new academic programs, and increasing student engagement and retention. I welcome you to take a class with our dedicated faculty and discover why students choose Quincy College for a high quality, affordable education. Here at Quincy College people often hear me say, “Education is the passport that allows one to travel through and navigate our society.” I am proud to say that now, more than ever, Quincy College is here to assist people in earning that passport.