Quincy Biotech Lab has Grand Opening

September 17, 2013

By: Chris Reidy

The Quincy College Biotechnology & Compliance Program has unveiled its new laboratory in Saville Hall, and the lab will be the main laboratory and educational space for the Biotechnology and Compliance Associate Degree Program and Certificate Program at the College.

Among the funding the lab received was a $100,000 grant from the Massachusetts Life Sciences Center, the state-funded agency tasked with implementing the state’s 10-year, $1-billion Life Sciences Initiative.

A press release about the unveiling ceremony included a statement from Governor Deval Patrick.

“Supporting innovation propels our economy forward and prepares our citizens for the 21st century global marketplace,” Patrick said. “Our innovation economy relies on a well-educated, well-skilled workforce, and Quincy College’s new Biotechnology & Compliance Laboratory will expand opportunity and grow jobs in communities throughout the Commonwealth.”

Quincy College’s federal and state grant awards follow closely on the heels of the City of Quincy’s initiative to bring more life sciences companies into the city.

“Quincy College is standing at the forefront of a great emerging sector of our economy with this Biotechnology lab, it is a great testament to the College’s commitment to providing educational opportunity in fields that are in the heart of our future,” Quincy Mayor Thomas P. Koch said in a statement.