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Quincy Office Location:
Presidents Place, Suite 203

Quincy Mailing Address:
Quincy College
ATTN: Academic Advising
Presidents Place
1250 Hancock St.
Quincy Center, MA 02169

Phone: (617) 984-1670
Fax: (617) 984-1794

Regular Business Hours:
Mon - Thurs: 8:00am - 6:15pm
Fri: 9:00am - 4:00pm
Sat & Sun: CLOSED

*For information about extended office hours during peak enrollment, please click the current semester link on the homepage.

For your convenience, you may now set appointments in Quincy by following this link:


Plymouth Office Location:
Plymouth Campus Front Desk

Plymouth Mailing Address:
Quincy College
36 Cordage Park Circle, Suite 228
Plymouth, MA 02360

Phone (Plymouth Campus):
(508) 747-0400
Fax (Plymouth Campus):
(508) 747-8169

Plymouth Campus Hours:
Mon-Thu: 10:00am–5:30pm
Fri: 10:00am-3:30pm
Sat & Sun: Closed

**The office closes at 2:00 PM on Fridays in June, July, and August

David Cichocki
Interim Director of Advising
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John Foley
Academic Advisor
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Lindsey Parker
Academic Advisor
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Louis Gangi
Academic Advising/Testing Specialist
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Jessica Sircar
Academic Advising Specialist
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Mission Statement of the Office of Academic Advising
Academic Advising at Quincy College promotes the institution’s mission of encouraging academic achievement and excellence by guiding your decisions as you identify your academic goals. Our Advisors will assist you in taking ownership of your educational opportunities, becoming a member of the Quincy College academic community, and realizing your academic and professional potential.

Advising Learning Outcomes
Academic Advising at Quincy College is focused on the institution’s motto of teaching and learning, one student at a time. Accordingly, our goal is that, as a result of the guidance and mentoring you receive from both Faculty and Professional Advisors, you will:
• Apply your developed understanding of the requirements for Quincy College degrees and certificate programs as you define your educational and career goals.
• Craft a coherent academic plan—based upon a self-assessment of your abilities, aspirations, interests, and values—in order to achieve your established goals.
• Apply your acquired knowledge of College policies, procedures, and deadlines to the decisions that you make and the business that you conduct as a student.
• Cultivate the intellectual habits that lead to successful college-level and life-long learning.
• Analyze and assess your academic strengths and areas in which you need improvement, and seek out Quincy College resources designed to assist you in developing your academic skills.
• Assume responsibility for meeting your program requirements and tracking your progress towards completion.

Advisor and Advisee Responsibilities
At Quincy College, we approach advising as a partnership between you and your Academic Advisor—you’ll work together with the common purpose of helping you succeed academically by attaining the outcomes outlined above. You each have responsibilities in this partnership:

Advisee Responsibilities
In order to be a successful advisee, you should:
• understand and monitor your academic progress via the QC Portal
• contact your advisor with any questions or concerns
• complete online registration each semester after your advising session
• work with your advisor to assure no holds prevent you from timely registration each term
• Prepare for, and bring necessary information to, advising sessions, such as your printed audit and/or academic plans
• be an active participant in advising meetings—ask questions, take notes, and follow-up after the appointment
• become aware of, and adhere to, all College policies, procedures, and deadlines
• seek academic assistance, such as advising, tutoring, and/or student success coaching as needed
• In the event you plan continue your education after graduating from Quincy, contact your transfer institution early to confirm you are positioning yourself for a smooth transition

Advisor Responsibilities
You can expect your Advisors to:
• support you as you become a member of the Quincy College academic community
• help you to develop a realistic educational plan consistent with your abilities and interests
• help you understand Quincy College policies and procedures, your curriculum, and graduation requirements
• teach you the best way to build your academic schedule from term to term
• assist you in monitoring your progress towards academic and career goals
• provide you with transfer information and advising
• have discussions with you, and connect you to other faculty and staff who can guide your academic development
• respond to your emails in a timely manner and proactively reach out to you on a regular basis

Our advisors will gladly set individual appointments with you—simply call our office at 617-984-1670. We also accept walk-in appointments, however, if your time is valuable to you and you can’t wait to be seen, please do reach out and set a specific time and date for your appointment with us. Additionally, if your work schedule does not permit you to see us during our regular hours, please reach out via our email address, and arrangements can be made: Email us at: .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address).

The Office of Academic Advising looks forward to working with you.